I have more than 30 years of experience leading large teams and a successful track record for elevating business leaders and teams, across diverse professional groups, market sectors and cultures, around the globe.

But what sets me apart however, is my extraordinary personal experience.

A shattering accident (see my book, Rebuilt to Last) 8 years ago, challenged my whole perspective of personal and professional success, redefining it in unimaginable ways. But despite every chip stacked against me, I have learned to beat the odds and I am thriving.

We all reach critical points when our professional and personal lives are challenged. Being crushed is not an option. We were never meant to be invincible, invulnerable and emotionless but we each need to develop our strategy to thrive.

My mission is to show you how.

  • International Best-Selling Author and Speaker
  • Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach
  • Master of Resilience
  • Certified Strengths-based Leadership and Workplace Wellbeing

Read the book, Rebuilt to Last and visit the website lauraeverestconsulting.com


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