Gallup strengths coaches worldwide Looking for a community of strengths coaches to connect, learn and grow together? Discover the online groups and join in with the conversations. Browse the regional groups or click on the map to connect with other coaches in your area.
Strengths and Psychological Safety

Strengths + Psychological Safety

Supporting Strengths coaches who are also working with Psychological Safety.
Gallup at Work Summit 2024

Gallup At Work Summit – why attend in person?

Invest in yourself and buid a global network at the Summit
Midwest Strengths Coaches

Midwest Strengths Coaches

Coaches in the USA
Southern California Strengths Coaches

Southern California Strengths Coaches

San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange counties
Strengths Philippines

Strengths Philippines

Strengths coaches group in Manila.
New England strengths group

New England Strengths Group

CliftonStrengths Coaches in New England
St Louis Strengths Coaches

Greater St. Louis Strengths Coaches

St Louis, mid-Missouri, Jefferson County & Southern Illinois
Gallup Omaha

Where are the Gallup Offices around the World?

Gallup offices worldwide and Strategic Licensees.
StrengthsFinder Espanol

Grupo de Entrenadores de Fortalezas Españoles

Spanish speaking coaches group.
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Facebook Group

Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches

News and conversations for certified coaches.
EMEA Gallup certified strengths Coaches in London

Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches – London UK

Join the EMEA community from Gallup's London, UK Office.
Strengths Brazil Ynner

Ynner – Strengths Coaching in Brazil

Become a Gallup Cerified Strengths coach in Brazil
StrengthsFinder DNA Theme Thursday facebook LinkedIn

StrengthsFinder – I know my Strengths

Join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups for strengths enthusiasts.
Australian and New Zealand Strengths Community

Australian and New Zealand Strengths Community

Connect with coaches in Austrailia and New Zealand
CliftonStrengths Scotland UK

Strengths Scotland

Coaches in Scotland
Strengths Twins same top 5

Have you found someone with your top 5 themes?

Have you found someone who shares your top 5 strengths?
K-12 strengths in education coaches

K-12 Strengths Community

For coaches in education
Child strengths spotting education

Strengths in Early Education

Strengths Spotting with children from 0 to 11 years
Auxano Team strengths coaching in France and Switzerland

Auxanõ Team – Strengths Coaching in France and Switzerland

Become a Gallup Certified Strengths coach in France or Switzerland
Faith-Based Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches

Faith-Based CliftonStrengths Coaches

Connect with coaches who use strengths with their faith or church groups.
CSEC Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community

Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community

Coaches in Catholic communities.
Global Strengths Mastermind

Are you part of a Mastermind Group?

Collection of coaches learning together.
Being Human Group South Africa

Being Human Group, South Africa

African Gallup partner for English speaking coaches.
Gallup Cascade strengths reports

Cascade Strengths Reports for Coaching sessions

Create team and individual reports for workshops and coaching sessions.

Strengths Communities

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