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Discover the range of tools and resources for Strengths Coaches to make a greater impact.
Connect with fellow coaches, sharing experiences to learn and grow.

Our mission is to strengthen the strengths movement,
empowering coaches to make a greater difference in the world.

Want to reach the next level as a Strengths Coach?

connect with coaches

Need to Connect with Coaches?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re on your own in the challenging coaching world? Would you like to connect with fellow coaches to learn and grow?

Explore the coaching communities online and across the globe.

Searching for ideas at Strengths Resources

Looking for New Resources?

Looking for something different? Are you searching for additional books and merchandise that bring Strengths to life?

Discover the range of strengths-based products for you and your clients.

grow coaching business

Want to Grow Your Business?

Are you wanting to grow your business, and need some guidance? Do you want to reach the next level?

Browse the tips from coaches to help you when starting out or expanding your coaching business.

This website is a game-changer because it offers everything you need in one place.
Gone are the days of wasting precious time searching for information online,
browsing through Facebook groups, or sifting through your email inbox.

Dana Williams

How can we help?

support for coaches

Setting Out as a Strengths Coach?

Thinking about becoming a Strengths Coach, or perhaps you’ve just started?

Explore the suggestions from the coaching community to help you succeed with your business.

team strengths workshop ideas

Need Ideas for Team Workshops?

Wanting to make your team workshops more engaging or need some inspiration?

Browse the strengths based ideas from experienced coaches to enhance your sessions.

business success

Want to be a Better Strengths Coach?

Do you want to improve your coaching effectiveness to make a greater impact for your clients?

Learn from the experts on how to deepen your coaching skills and become a better coach.

I wish I had had this resource when I first became a Strengths coach!
Strengths products, and business development tools all in one place for a coach is invaluable!

Edith Ricchiuto

From the creators of Cascade, this new Strengths Resources site is another game changer for strengths coaches.

As Cascade simplifies the preparation for team workshops, Strengths Resources is your Google for the world of Strengths.

Richard Sterry Strengths Resources

Richard Sterry

As I connect with strengths coaches worldwide, a common theme emerges, the difficulties of operating a solo business and identifying sources of assistance. It can also be challenging to find imaginative materials for engaging coaching or team workshops.
The Strengths Resources site opens up opportunities to bring coaches together and discover the tools and resources available. Jump in and find inspiration to reach your next level.

Keeping this website free to use is my way of giving back to the community.

Let’s move forward together

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Richard has done it again! This is a great platform.
It has robust information and will serve as a repository and resource for coaches throughout the world.
Dawn F. Landry

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