With over 20 years’ experience accompanying executives in transition from manager to leadership roles or from country to country, my understanding of the corporate environment comes from years as a European Product Leader for a medical diagnostics multinational and Asian-Pacific Export Director. When I left the corporate world, I transitioned to a career first as an intercultural training consultant then as a Global Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor

My overall passion as a Global Executive Coach focuses on emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence for global organizations. 

  • A PCC (ICF) Gallup-certified strengths executive coach with a Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational SuperVision. 
  • As a Global Executive Coach, I accompany individuals and teams on their journey to high performance where collaboration and communication are key components to success, engagement and wellbeing. 
  • As a Coach Mentor and Supervisor, I create a psychologically safe space where Coaches can reflect on what went well in their coach client sessions, what they would have done differently and what skills development they would like to improve. In Group Coaching Super-inter-vision sessions, I invite coaches to be at their best (Super) while gaining insights from the group (intercultural, inter-relational) and raising their awareness of their coaching practice with a strategic vision of how they want to show up in their client sessions. 
  • I engage clients to design realistic action plans based on the client’s personal leadership goals, I align both R.O.E. (return on expectations) and the R.O.I. (return on investment) so the coaching journey has a corporate ripple effect and impact across the organization.

As an EMCC Senior Practitioner (EIA) and an ICF- PCC certified Executive Coach,  I am bilingual English-French, graduated from Northeastern University (Boston – USA), and have a Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Supervision (EMCC ESIA), a certification in Group Coaching Supervision, as well as in various coaching methodologies (Gallup Strengths Coach (2014), Cultural Orientations Framework (2008), Hogan (2006), Team Effectiveness – AIIR and Leadership Forecast – VOICES360 (Korn-Ferry).

With a foot on each continent (France and USA), I invite clients to stop, reflect and focus on questions such as: “What needs to shift in me to bring out the best in others?” and “How can we build bridges across cultural, linguistic, generational, and gender divides?”   

When I am not working, I enjoy my time as a mother of 2, an amateur photographer, avid reader and playing a round of golf.



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