In 2015, Kelly Etter established EtterOps to provide behind-the-scenes administrative and creative support for small businesses. Her organization and attention to detail quickly garnered attention and created a demand for her high-quality services and her ability to streamline processes.

“Do More of What You Love. We’ll Take Care of the Rest.” has been the EtterOps motto from the beginning, and as clients’ needs grew, they’ve expanded their team and their offerings. All the while, Kelly Etter has been at the forefront to ensure they maintain superior service and results.

Kelly Etter’s first clients were CliftonStrengths® coaches, and they continue to be a large portion of the EtterOps client roster. Since she’s been introduced to the strengths-based approach to personal and professional development, she has been passionate about not only supporting strengths but implementing them into how she interacts with her clients, her team, and her friends and family.

When asked about her clients’ growth, Kelly Etter says, “I’ve seen a lot of businesses these last eight years, and it is the ones that invest in themselves that see the most success. Entrepreneurs typically don’t start a business just so they can do admin work or maintain a social media calendar. Outsourcing is a key component to their ability to have the time and energy to do what they do best and grow their business.”



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