Jill Andrews has run Just Ask Jill since 2019, offering bespoke virtual business support to sole traders and small businesses. She has over 20 years’ of experience working in multiple sectors and now uses her wide range of skills to help others with whatever they need to make their business run better.

With Achiever® as her number one Strength, she prides herself on delivering high quality results for her clients – and with Relator® and Responsibility® in her Top 5 too, she’s keen to develop a good working relationship as well as be attentive to details and deadlines. She works with a number of UK-based Strengths coaches, gaining invaluable insight and interest in supporting the UK coaching industry. She also works with Cascade founder Richard Sterry, providing ongoing help with web updates and communications to the coaching network.

So, just like you’re great at doing the work your business is about, Jill Andrews is excellent at all those behind the scenes tasks that you struggle to get to, find more challenging or simply don’t enjoy. That’s why she makes her business all about doing those things for you – freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

In describing how and why Just Ask Jill was created, Jill says “It became clear that what I had most loved about all the different types of work I’d done was really the same thing. The satisfaction that comes from solving problems efficiently and effectively. And so, when a friend said to me “everyone needs a Jill”, I thought to myself, what if they could have one? And the idea for Just Ask Jill was born!”



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