Richard Sterry is a trustworthy contributor to the global strengths community by equipping coaches with practical resources.

His goal is to enhance the strengths movement, making a lasting difference on a global scale, whilst maintaining a stress-free rhythm of life.

Back in 2018, Richard became the first Gallup Licensee outside the USA and the first partner with a digital product. He rocked the strengths world with thousands of coaches and organisations benefiting from his Cascade tool across 70 countries. Coaches love Cascade as it simplifies the creation of personalised reports for teams and individuals. Gallup saw the impact of Cascade across the community and acquired the product in 2022. It is now available in Gallup Access.

Richard set up the Strengths Twins initiative to help people find someone with the same top 5 CliftonStrengths® themes. This popular free matching service has connected thousands of people with their Strengths Twin, and some groups feature many people all sharing the same top 5 themes. For those who register, the staggering chance of finding a match is 1 in 4. Have you found your Strengths Twin?

Richard’s latest project is this site, Strengths Resources. Identifying common areas where coaches need more help, he set out to bring the global community closer together. Using his connections across the world Strengths Resources is a collaboration of articles to help coaches.

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Following the sale of Cascade to Gallup, Richard is working closely with the Gallup teams to enhance the offerings for coaches. He maintains his connections with the coaching community with chats on Zoom. You are welcome to schedule a call with Richard by viewing his calendar.

Living in the UK, Richard Sterry is regularly involved in the Gallup London Alumni events, and if you are nearby he enjoys meeting up for a coffee.



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