Develop your coaching skills and learn from the global community to build your coaching business around your strengths.
Win back time business support VA

Need help running your coaching business?

How to enlist the right help to grow your business.
purpose mission vision

What is your Guiding Mission Statement?

How do you describe your purpose and your personal brand?
The Strengths Journal books

Create Productive Habits with The Strengths Journal

Intentionally use your strengths every day.
start business question

Should I Start My Own Coaching Business?

Things to consider before setting up your business.
StrengthsFinder DNA Theme Thursday facebook LinkedIn

Explore your Strengths with the Theme Thursday Webcasts

Learn about the CliftonStrengths® themes in the 6 seasons of webcasts.
Gallup at work Summit 2023

Gallup At Work Summit – why attend in person?

Invest in yourself and buid a global network.
Report Power Pack of Strengths Reports training course materials

How to create Great Training Course Materials

How to engage the participants with professional looking materials.
team workshop ideas

How to Choose the Right Team Activity

What would be a good activity for a team session?
new strengths coach questions and tips

Top 10 Tips for a New Strength Coach

What to do after taking the Gallup Strengths training and beyond.
Global Strengths Mastermind

Are you part of a Mastermind Group?

Collection of coaches learning together.

Your Business

Select a Business Aspect

Can you help the Coaching Community?

We are looking for more topics that will benefit new and experienced coaches. See Get Involved for details.

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