Carol Anne McGuire has spoken nationally and internationally for companies such as Apple, Discovery, Google, Disney, ISTE, CUE, and has worked with many celebrities and their families such as Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

She started her teaching career in 1989 teaching blind and visually impaired students. Founding the non-profit Rock Our World in 2004, she brings together students from all over the world to collaborate on projects, write original music, make movies and meet each other in video chats. She remained in public education until 2008 when she went to work for actor Will Smith, teaching digital technology to his children, as well as other celebrity children.

Carol Anne is also the founder of Rock Your Strengths, a Strengths-based coaching organization.

As both a Strengths Teacher and Coach, Carol Anne is able to work with teams, managers and individuals and will customize her skills to fit your needs.

She has won numerous teaching awards, and would love to teach you how to leverage your strengths to be the best YOU you can be!

What is your art about?

Carol Anne McGuire has taken all 34 themes of talent from StrengthsFinder® and created a Sketchnote based on her experience as a Gallup Certified Coach, Theme Thursday webcastsproduced by Gallup’s Called To Coach, input from other GCCs around the world, and research. The purpose is to visually and textually explain each theme, individually, so people can fall in love with each theme!

Best Professional Development – Ever!

How blessed was I to have Curt Liesveld be our mentor teacher for that class. I had used his book, “Living With Your Strengths” in my Bible Study group. I took Sketchnotes on my training. Each day I posted what I had learned that day. I had taken up the subject of Sketchnoting several years prior. Each year I choose one thing to learn about (Learner®, Focus® and Achiever® working together). Sketchnoting, like playing the bass guitar, stuck. I sketched all of our sermons on Sunday mornings and published my first book of Sketchnotes in 2015.



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