Cheryl S. Pace, MLIS (Master in Library and Information Science) has been a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach since June 2015. She was a presenter at the 2017 Gallup Summit and has been a guest in the annual Learning Series, the Theme Thursday series, and the Called to Coach series. Before Gallup automated the transcription of Called to Coach Cheryl was one of a few people who provided detailed notes that were published with the recordings of the series.

Cheryl worked at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) for 33 years before retiring in March 2021. She has a BA in Biology and 10 years of experience in research.  That background combined with her MLIS helped her start a new career in the medical library at KUMC. She changed roles many times and her last role was in the new Organizational Improvement Office.  She was the first strengths coach at KUMC and started a program coaching faculty, staff, and students – both individuals and teams.

Since retiring, Cheryl has stayed active in the coaching community. She participates in Gallup activities, her mastermind group, and helps other coaches by acting as a proofreader, a thought partner, and an avid Cascade user.

Cheryl is also a musician. She plays various flutes, recorders, keyboards, and lever harp. Learning about her strengths has given her fresh insight into her abilities as a musician.



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