Jamie Atkins is a Gallup-Certified Coach who has spent 15 years working across the Educational Sector. As a Senior Learning and Development Manager, Jamie’s built his talents as a socially energetic, expressive, and interactive facilitator who encourages collaboration. His previous experience as a Primary Teacher had already nurtured a passionate and investing outlook that would make others feel both welcome and heard.

During 2019 Jamie’s ambitious presentation led to his team’s achievement of the ‘Training and Development Award’ at the NMT Awards. Two years later in 2021, this was followed up, by individually being recognised with the ‘Training and Development Award’. Using his ability to plan, and anticipate questions that lay ahead whilst engaging with a clear narrative all helped to create well-received presentations.

Jamie Atkins engages in trying to make an impact for children and families when it comes to Strengths Spotting. Having three young children, he finds approaches to encourage adults to celebrate what engages children, building from where their motivations lie.



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