Strengths in Early Education

Child strengths spotting education

Do you work with children and are interested in identifying their Strengths? The Strengths in Early Education group is for educators working with children familiar with StrengthsExplorer® or CliftonStrengths®. Appealing to those working in Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Primary schools with children up to the age of 11.

Building on the StrengthsSpotting techniques outlined in Gallup’s Strengths Based Parenting book, we are looking to understand how strengths show up, for younger children.

What are the early signs for those younger than the StrengthsExplorer® assessment?

Can we see strengths with our under-fives, in our Early Years? This will be the group is ideal for;

➡️ Anyone interested in working with CliftonStrengths® to support those working in Education with children under 11s. (Elementary or Primary School and below)

➡️ Anyone who has begun to utilise StrengthsExplorer® with younger children.

➡️ Those who want to share ideas or case studies of how they are supporting young children and their families.

The aim is to create a collaborative space, to share thoughts, raise questions, and ideate together!

See the LinkedIn group Strengths in Education from 0 to 11 years.

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