Strengths Resources is a central hub for CliftonStrengths® coaches to connect, engage and grow together. It’s about enhancing the coaching community to expand the strengths movement.

Richard Sterry is the founder of Strengths Resources. He was the creator of Cascade, now acquired by Gallup, which helps coaches produce personalized materials for workshops and coaching sessions. Strengths Resources is a community project, that invites coaches with an area of expertise to share their perspectives.

Strengths Resources

Whether you are looking to connect with others, discover new strengths products, or want to improve your coaching, Strengths Resources will point you in the right direction.

Jump in, have a look around and share links to what you find most useful.

Releasing Strengths

Releasing Strengths was founded in 2016 by Richard Sterry, creating tools to enhance the coaching community. Based in the UK and connected to coaches in over 70 counties worldwide, Releasing Strengths continues to develop new products.

Initially, Cascade expanded the range of CliftonStrengths® reports for coaches. In 2017 Strengths Twins was born to help people find someone sharing their top 5 strengths. Now in 2023, Strengths Resources is a new hub to discover strengths products, find strengths communities and learn from the experts within the community.

Connection with Gallup

Releasing Strengths has worked closely with Gallup since 2017, initially as a licensee for Cascade. Following the acquisition of Cascade in 2022, Richard Sterry continues to be in close contact with Gallup staff but is not a Gallup employee. Strengths Resources is therefore an independent website owned by Releasing Strengths to support the global coaching community.

Gallup Marketing Affiliate

Some of the links to Gallup products are under the Gallup Affiliate program where Releasing Strengths is an Official Affialite of Gallup.

The team at Gallup are keen to stress that.

The information contained on this website is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup, Inc. Opinions, views and interpretations of CliftonStrengths® or business advice that is provided, are solely the beliefs of Releasing Strengths.

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