Barbara Bengtson is the founder and Consulting Psychologist for Perception Coaching.

At Perception Coaching, we select strategies derived from cognitive psychology and human development sciences to support the efforts of our clients. Clients experience supported reflection and strategic thinking centred on understanding preferences, seeking perspective, effective communication, and achieving goals. Talents and hopes are explored and understood as the foundation for future successes. We listen and pose questions so clients can focus their substantial talents to engage in learning, shaping opportunities, and pursuing goals. Whether you are just beginning or well on your way, we want to hear about your journey.

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations. Supporting clients to explore their sense of self, current situation, and viable options with their goals in mind. Teams learn strategies to keep perceptions in check, improve relationships and communication, and encourage innovation. Organizations build systems and common language to understand needs and talents for impactful feedback, support, and engagement, whilst keeping in mind that relationships and collaborations create opportunities to reach further than any of us can on our own.

We offer a variety of services from impromptu decision sessions to packages with group learning. We also offer follow-up coaching sessions for individual implementation support.


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