Sally Magee is the founder of Magee Coaching Solutions, a Strengths-Based Sobriety Coaching practice that provides a judgment-free coaching services for “gray area drinkers” to examine their relationship with alcohol.

For the “sober-curious,” she runs an Alcohol-Free Challenge & 31-Day Course that includes daily lessons and group coaching sessions. For the “sober-serious” she offer a 6-month coaching experience that is geared toward people who want to experience the life transformation that can occur when you quit drinking.

Sally Magee is passionate about helping people experience life on the other side of alcohol and creating a life where they can thrive alcohol-free.

She been a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach since 2015 and launched Magee Leadership Solutions, Inc. in 2017 after a career in engineering, construction, and project management at a Fortune 500 company. She started down her own sober-curious path in 2021 and officially kicked the booze to the curb in early 2022. In 2023, she obtained an additional Sobriety Coach certification to provide clients with a holistic approach to overall health, wellbeing and alcohol-free living.

In addition to working directly with clients, she offers consulting services and partnership opportunities to other coaches who have clients who are gray-area drinkers or sober curious and are looking to change their relationship with alcohol.



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