Cath Baker is an accomplished Coach and Counsellor with over 7 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals. She has a talent for developing deep connections with families, executives, employees, and businesses, helping them create and build strategic plans, develop missions and values, build out strengths teams, and ultimately, have amazing conversations.

With a background in small business, Cath has a wealth of experience in the family business of insurance and financial planning, spanning almost 20 years. She was introduced to Strengths-based work when she worked with a coach, and immediately fell in love with the simple concept of focusing on what we do well, rather than what we don’t. This inspired her to explore the field of person-centred outcomes, where she has developed her expertise in helping individuals and teams reach their full potential.

Cath Baker is a highly sought-after coach and counsellor, offering workshops, group coaching programs, and individual or couple help. Her intuitive, compassionate, energy-filled approach to her work and life has made her a popular choice for clients. Based in Sydney, Australia, Cath is a strong contributor to the Strengths community, and she loves connecting with and helping others find their Strengths.


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