Magriet Moulton is a co-founder of BHG, which focuses on people analytics to realise the potential in individuals, leaders, and teams.  Magriet first did the CliftonStrengths assessment in 2004 and immediately saw the potential this assessment and the subsequent coaching can accomplish.  This is not surprising as her Top 5 include Individualization, Learner, and Maximizer. 

Magriet has over 15 years of experience in strengths-based conversations and coaching, providing services to corporates, global SME’s and government in the following industries: Telecommunications, Blockchain, Insurance, Marketing, Financial, Learning and Development, Labour, and Non-profit.  As a Gallup Certified Coach, Magriet is an Approved Trainer for the Gallup Global Strengths Coaching Course.

Magriet Moulton runs Bening Human Group with Yendor Felgate, building the coaching community in Africa.



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