Rebuilt to Last, a Personal Story of Resilience

Rebuilt to Last

Lying on the road with two shattered legs, a broken arm, fractured ribs and numerous dislocations, Laura Everest’s life was turned upside down. Saving her legs were the first challenge and there was doubt that Laura would ever walk again. However Laura has incredible Mindset Resilience – a deep and enduring mental toughness which helped her literally get back on her feet.

Rebuilt to Last Laura Everest - mindset resilience

‘Rebuilt to Last’ describes the amazing personal story of how Laura Everest literally got back on to her feet after a terrible accident. She shares her incredible journey of mental toughness. By taking one step at a time, alongside the medical procedures, Laura tells how she used the power of her mind to focus on getting better. Gradually working her way back onto her feet – and believing she could do it – she amazed the medics as she left the wheelchair behind.

Laura shares the steps to develop Mindset Resilience using CliftonStrengths®. First she increased her awareness of the accident by viewing it from her strengths perspective. Through this, she equipped herself to better unravel her emotions and understand the impact. Moving forward, she then used her strengths to identify her goals and turn these intentions into actions.

Nine years and twenty surgeries later, Laura’s journey to recovery is still underway but she has learned to leverage the power of strengths and mindset resilience to regain control of her life.

In the latter part of the book, Laura explains in simple steps the emotional patterns and techniques that helped her to flourish. They will help you too in any difficult situation you face.

Rebuilt to Last is available in paperback and Kindle formats at and

Coaching Resource for Mindset Resilience

Working with Laura Everest, Richard Sterry developed a new worksheet for Cascade to help leverage strengths in tough situations and build mental resilience.

In the first part of the worksheet, you reflect on the setback in question through the lens of your strengths. Each CliftonStrengths® theme will see the situation differently and have its own interpretation. So by exploring these perspectives and noting your feelings, you will increase your understanding of the reality of what happened.

Then in the second section, you consider the best possible outcome and how your strengths can help you reach that goal.

The Mindset Resilience worksheet is in the Strengths Advantage section of Gallup Cascade. It provides conversation topics for coaches to help their clients work through a challenging experience.

Strengths and Difficult Life Events – Called to Coach

Listen to Laura Everest with Jim Collison on Called to Coach and hear more about Laura’s story and her resilience strategies.

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