Developing Strengths Based Project Teams

Developing Strengths Based Project Teams book

Developing Strengths Based Project Teams introduces and equips team leaders and team members to become strengths-based teams. The book includes project management and talent development language, exercises, templates, action plans, and reflective questions. 

The content of the book equips a team to engage in the process of talent development and application, toward appreciating and intentionally applying the collective talents and strengths of the team toward the team’s goals, challenges, and tasks.  It also includes content about various project management roles and ways to sustain a strengths-based project team culture.

The authors for Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams are Martha Buelt & Connie Plowman.

Who would benefit from Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams?

Drawing on the expertise of the authors, the book is for;

  • Project managers, team members, and stakeholders who have an interest in talent development.
  • Higher education instructors who prepare students to be engaged members of strengths-based teams in the workplace and in their communities.
  • Individuals who want an overarching understanding of “what is” and “how to engage in” talent development toward strengths.
  • Self-starter team leaders who want to develop their team to be more collaborative and effective.  

Extra Resources

When instructors adopt this book for training professionals or educating students, the authors will provide the instructor with instructor resources.  Resources include a slide deck highlighting the book’s key concepts, discussion questions, individual exercises, and team activities, which have been proven in the workplace and classroom and are ready to use.  The instructor resources are modifiable to fit the instructor’s presentation style, audience, and format (online or in-person). Contact Martha Buelt to learn more.

Successful Project Teams!  This is how ALL project teams should be formed! The steps identified in this book help project leaders to not only identify the talents and strengths of each of its team members but to then create a plan on how to leverage them for team success. From assessment to implementation, this book has it all. It is a MUST read for any project leader or team member.

Stephanie Moore – Executive Coach, The Moore Group, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

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Book Information

Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams is 172 pages in paperback and Kindle formats. It is available from Business Expert Press (BEP) and other stores such as Amazon.

After purchase, don’t forget about the extra resources.

For more information, contact Martha Buelt or visit Buelt Consulting.

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