Strengths Mugs

Strengths Mugs

Create a daily reminder of your StrengthsFinder® themes with a personalized Strengths Mug. They make a wonderful gift for a friend and are a perfect conversation starter.

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Choose from the range of mugs and tumblers, select a color and add your top StrengthsFinder® themes. After receiving your mugs, share a mug shot with your friends.

See also the other items in the store, including T-shirts and hoodies displaying your top StrengthsFinder® themes.

Production is currently just from the US, so check the shipping charges when ordering from outside the US.

Mugs for the Whole Team

Imagine the impact of having every team member start their day with a mug that highlights their strengths. It’s a powerful way to foster a positive team culture, encourage collaboration, and enhance overall performance. Some organizations use these as a gift for their onboarding process.

Delivering a Team Coaching Session? How about giving each member of the team a special mug to remind them of their themes?

Look for the discounts available on orders for larger quantities.

About Strengths Mugs

Strengths Mugs is run by Scott Mackes who was one of the first Gallup Licencees back in 2016. He creates thousands of mugs for people and organizations to display their strengths over tea or coffee.

Visit the website at

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