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SWAG Strengths Theme Tumblers Mugs

Need a strengths gift for a team or a good friend? Strengths SWAG has mugs for each of the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes. Whether you are a Relator® or a Woo®, these theme mugs will help start any conversation.

Strengths Theme Mugs

The 15oz / 45ml ceramic mugs create an impressive image for the meeting room table.

Strengths SWAG Tumblers

The 25oz / 750ml tumblers quench any thirsty appetite and stand tall on your table. Share your CliftonStrengths® themes with friends and colleagues every day.

Strengths Note Cards

Strengths SWAG Note Cards

See also the Strengths Note Cards for writing a personal message to a friend or client.

Currently only available from the USA.

Where to get the Strengths Theme Mugs

Strengths SWAG at is located in Illinois, USA, serving strengths coaches and enthusiasts across the world. There are distribution points in the USA, the UK and Latvia. Check the shipping costs in the checkout.

Joanie Muench, a Gallup Certified Strengths coach is the creator of the theme mugs and note cards.

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