Card Decks for Strengths Coaching

Gallup CliftonStrengths Card Decks for Strengths Coaching

Exploring the Gallup Store recently, I discovered lots of card decks to assist with strengths coaching conversations. Some provided insights each of the 34 CliftonStrengths ® / StrengthsFinder ® themes whereas others are more general. Browse the Gallup shop to see how you can increase your coaching toolkit. I find they make great prizes for team sessions or larger events.

Here we show the range of card decks available so you can choose which ones are best for you.

Cards Decks for the 34 CliftonStrengths ® Themes

During my training to be a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, some of these card decks were part of the course materials. However, browsing the Gallup Store there is a wider range available. These packs contain one card for each of the 34 themes and measure approximately 127 x 178mm or 7 x 5 inches. Often, there is a saving when purchasing multiple sets of packs. Check the Gallup Store for full details.

CliftonStrengths® Discovery Cards

Each Discovery Card includes the theme’s short description and the phrases for; I am, I will, I love, I dislike, I bring, and I need. It finishes with a metaphor for the theme.

CliftonStrengths® Theme Insight Cards for Coaches

CliftonStrengths Theme Insights card decks for coaching

The Theme Insight cards include all the information on the Discovery Cards, plus the theme Barrier Label. In addition, they show the Theme Contrast describing how the theme is similar, yet different to two other themes.

The background for the front of the Theme Insight cards is in the domain color for the theme. When coaching, I find these cards most helpful when describing the aspects of a theme.

Note: If you are not purchasing the Theme Insight Cards directly from the Gallup Store, check the color of the domains. Some retailers are distributing cards with the old colors where the Strategic Thinking Domain is red. Gallup changed it to green in 2020. You can see the domain color pallet at Coaching Materials – How to get Copyright right.

CliftonStrengths® Theme Dynamic Cards

The Theme Dynamics cards share several words describing the theme, relating to ‘Who I Am’ or ‘The Role I Play’.

CliftonStrengths® Brief Theme Definitions Cards

These smaller cards only show the theme name and the short description. The simple reminders about each theme provide a tactile way to name a theme in an activity.

General Card Decks for Coaching

To complement the CliftonStrengths® themes, there are various card decks that can enhance a training or coaching session. These smaller packs are worth keeping amongst your training materials to support a coaching aspect or fill a few minutes.

CliftonStrengths ® Theme Similarities and Differences Cards

The set of prepared questions can help to better understand how each theme is different. I’ve used the cards as a fun activity to test a group’s knowledge of CliftonStrengths®.

What I do Best Cards

Gallup Strengths What I do Best Card Deck

What do you do best? This card deck contains 71 generic phrases of things people like to do. Some relate directly to the CliftonStrengths ® themes whereas others are more general. The idea is to find the 10 most important cards that best describe the person. I’ve found this card deck helpful when a participant has not taken the CliftonStrengths® assessment and wants to join in with the group Strengths session. An experienced coach can quickly gain a reasonable understanding of some of their dominant themes.

Values Cards

Help a client discover their values with this simple set of 30 cards. Each card contains a value for the client to sort through, where they keep the ones that resonate and reject the others. I find they need to go through the pile a few times to whittle the number of cards down to 3 or 5. Ask them to share their values – what is important to them – to create a better understanding of themselves.

Motivation Cards

What ticks your box? The 45 Motivation Cards help to narrow down and identify personal motivators. When using the cards, I lay down 5 cards and ask the person to remove the one that motivates them the least. Then replace the card and repeat the process. Eventually, they are left with their top 5 motivational needs. Explore how their motivators have guided their decisions in the past and driven them towards a goal.

CliftonStrengths ® Insight Photo Cards

CliftonStrengths Theme picture cards strengthsfinder

Saving one of the best until last, the picture cards are always popular with teams and individuals. Let them choose a few pictures that, for them, best represent their themes. There is often excitement as they browse through the pack and find their perfect picture. These work with any age and provide good conversation starters for those who do not know their top 5 Strengths. The 65 cards measuring approximately 5 x 7 inches or 178 x 127mm are enough to fill a good-sized table.

See all the Card Decks in the Gallup Store

Check the Gallup Store for shipping costs and card decks in other languages. For those of us outside of the US, it is worth contacting your local Gallup office to see if they carry a stock of merchandise. I’ve saved a few pounds by purchasing packs from the Gallup London office.

Perhaps this is an excuse to attend the Gallup At Work Summit in person. There is usually a big store with an extended range of CliftonStrengths ® merchandise.

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