Preparing for a team workshop? Browse these articles for inspiration on activities for teams, coaching tips, promotional gifts, and team-specific CliftonStrengths® reports.
Report Power Pack of Strengths Reports training course materials

How to create Great Training Course Materials

How to engage the participants with professional looking materials.
team workshop ideas

How to Choose the Right Team Activity

What would be a good activity for a team session?
Developing Strengths Based Project Teams book

Developing Strengths Based Project Teams

Equip team leaders and team members to become strengths-based teams.
Destination Unstoppable Maureen Electa Monte

Destination Unstoppable, Create a Winning Team

For any coach or leader who seeks to achieve a competitive advantage.
Gallup Cascade strengths reports

Cascade Strengths Reports for Coaching sessions

Create team and individual reports for workshops and coaching sessions.
Strengths Mugs

Strengths Mugs

Think of your strengths when drinking coffee.

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