Cascade Strengths Reports for Coaching sessions

Gallup Cascade strengths reports

The Gallup Cascade strengths reports enhance the CliftonStrengths® results for any team workshop or coaching session. Available to download from a subscription level of Gallup Access, this tool will transform your coaching business. Amaze your participants with the Cascade Team Grid!

As a coach, Gallup Cascade simplifies workshop preparation with personalized team and individual reports. Easily create a set of team reports with name tents and badge labels. The visual reports and worksheets help to open up conversations when tackling challenging topics.

Watch the 11-minute video with Jim Collison and Richard Sterry to discover how Gallup Cascade can streamline your coaching.

Originally created by Richard Sterry at Releasing Strengths, thousands of coaches worldwide benefit from the Cascade reports. In 2022 Gallup acquired Cascade to include in their Access portal. Gallup Cascade is now only available from Gallup.

Already have a subscription level of Gallup Access? See How to download Gallup Cascade.
Need a subscription level of Access for Cascade? See How to get Cascade.

What is Gallup Cascade?

Gallup Cascade is a downloadable Excel file from Gallup Access. It enables a coach or an organization to easily create a range of reports and worksheets for teams and individuals. The language options for reports are English (US), English (UK), French, Spanish and German.

Cascade Team Reports

Gallup Cascade Team Strengths Grid

Allocating people to teams in Cascade is very easy in the Theme Table, and then you can select the groups for the Team Grid. Personalize the Team Grid with your own logo and choose from the many options on how you want to display the results.

A popular worksheet is The Power of 2. On one hand, it aids collaboration, and on the other, it can help when there is conflict or friction between two people. It opens up the conversations enabling each person to appreciate the other’s perspective.

Team Summary report with spark chart

The Team Summary report adds more visualizations. See the Theme Frequency, the theme Spark Chart and the Domain Pie Chart which show the distribution of strengths for the team. In addition, the Team Profiles report shows a Pie Chart for the top 5 themes.

Explore practical examples of how to use the Cascade reports in Team Coaching Conversations.

Cascade Individual Reports

Gallup Cascade Brings Needs Strengths report

Creating personalized reports is easy in Cascade and you can produce a batch of PDFs for a team in just a few moments. The Bring & Need report is the most popular and the most versatile. Use it to help with The Best of Us activity, or to help increase confidence. In addition, the Personal Insights helps a person appreciate the dynamics of their themes. There is also a one-page visual of all 34 themes that compliments Gallup’s full 34 report.

The Cascade Strengths Advantage worksheets help clients apply their strengths for specific applications. With 20 topics to choose from, you can also create your own custom topics.

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Workshop Tools

In addition, Cascade can create table tents and badges/lanyards with the CliftonStrengths® themes. The time-saving features take the hassle out of preparing for a large workshop.

How to get the Cascade Strengths Reports

To download Cascade and create the strengths reports, you need a subscription level of Gallup Access. As the Cascade file runs in Excel, you need to have Microsoft Excel on your Windows or Mac computer. Contact your regional Gallup rep to find out more about a subscription level of Access. Alternatively, email

Setting up the Access subscription level can take a few days, then you need to get familiar with Cascade. Allow plenty of time before a workshop to request Access / Cascade.

How to Download Cascade

Gallup Cascade is downloadable from two different locations in Access. One provides an empty Cascade file that you can populate with your clients or staff. The other comes pre-populated with a specific team. These will be available once you have your Gallup Access subscription account.

For an empty Cascade file, head to the CliftonStrengths® section using the left menu. Then click on Resources from the top menu. Scrolling down, there is a section to Download Cascade.

CliftonStrengths Resources Menu
How to download Cascade in Access

To download Cascade already containing the information for a team, head to the Teams tab. Select the team you want and find the section to Export to Cascade. After downloading Cascade, you can add your own contacts to the Cascade file.

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