Nicole Seichter is the author of Enjoy – A New Approach to Stress and Burnout Prevention. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, she spent 5 years in the USA and is now living in Germany.

Nicole Seichter worked as a marketing assistant and management assistant for several years after her graduation in business administration. After almost 10 years in Corporate Business, she started to align herself professionally as a coach / trainer. Her desire? Support leaders, Teams and Organizations to solve the following issues:

  • How do we treat each other – mindful communication in organizations
  • People often have problems in their way of communicating or
    establishing themselves successfully in the long run because they are
    not aware of their talents and therefore cannot apply them.
  • Teams struggle because they are not aware of the unique contribution
    each team member has to achieve success together.
  • Managers have a lack of self-awareness and are not able to fulfill their
    role as a coach / leader / mentor. People are much healthier, more
    successful and more effective when they are able to use their talents
    on a daily basis.

Self-awareness and mindfulness are key factors of the workshops Nicole delivers in organizations.

Nicole Seichter has created the ENJOY process, a simple process that can be successfully applied in organizations to create a high-energy and positive work atmosphere. Get to know the ENJOY process and Nicole Seichter via her book – ENJOY.

Besides the ENJOY process, Nicole designed “Motivationskultur” – a program organizations can follow to create a healthy and sustainable culture in their organizations.

Nicole is dedicated to deliver her work at the highest standards. She is a ICF PCC coach and continues her journey of a life-long learning experience.

Nicole lived in the USA from 2013 to 2018 and is bilingual, German and English.



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