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How well do you know the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes? As a strengths coach, mastering the characteristics of each talent theme creates greater conversations with your clients. For ourselves, clear knowledge increases awareness, leading to better outcomes. One way to learn more about the CliftonStrengths® themes is to listen to the Called To Coach webcasts. The conversations in the Theme Thursday series, explore the dynamics of the chosen theme, providing a broad perspective on how the theme operates and works in different situations.

The Theme Thursday episodes started in 2015 – recorded on Thursdays – covering all 34 themes in turn. Following its success, the series looked at each of the themes from a different perspective for the next 5 years. Hosted by Jim Collison with assistance from Curt Liesveld, Maika Leibbrandt and other staff at Gallup, the powerful conversations are well worth a listen.

Each of the 6 seasons are very different, so choose which are most suitable. Click on the button to view all the sessions for the series.

1. Understand the Foundations of each theme in Season 1

The first round of the Theme Thursday brings clarity to each CliftonStrengths® theme. Originally recorded in 2015, the 50-minute sessions explore the unique value that each theme brings. Learn how to love your themes and appreciate those of others. Drawing on the expertise of Curt Liesveld, these sessions provide the foundations for each theme.

The book Draw on Your Strengths brings each of the themes to life with pictures from coach Carol Anne McGuire.

2. Explore the Theme Dynamics in Season 2

Expanding your Strengths - Theme Dynamics

Theme Thursday Season 2 looks more at the dynamics of the CliftonStrengths® themes. A greater understanding comes when looking at the theme’s raw and mature states – how they are applied in a basic way, and at a deeper level. This series of webcasts considers how each theme combines and compliments the other themes – theme pairing. To accompany the series, the book Expanding Your Strengths shows all the possible theme combinations. Recorded in 2016 the sessions are just short of an hour.

Companion Guides

To download the Companion Guides for seasons 2 and 3, log in to Gallup Access login.gallup.com Use the upper left Menu and choose Resources. In the search box type ‘companion guides’. You will see the Companion Guides for Season 2 and Season 3.

3. Develop Leaders in Season 3

Strengths based leadership book Theme Thursday

The Strengths Based Leadership book reveals the 4 Needs of Followers – Hope, Compassion, Stability and Trust. Season 3 of Theme Thursday discusses each CliftonStrengths® theme in a leadership role and how they can meet the 4 Needs of Followers. This is not just for leaders at the top of the tree, it is for anyone who needs to bring others with them on their journey. The 50-minute sessions were recorded in 2017.

4. Increase Performance in Season 4

Season 4 of Theme Thursday steps up the level for each of the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes. Focussing on greater performance and success, the webcasts discuss how to intentionally aim each theme. Learn how to invest in your own talents and how to develop the talents of others. The shorter 30-minute sessions were recorded in 2018.

5. Discover Practical Outcomes in Season 5

CliftonStrengths 34 report

The CliftonStrengths® 34 report shares deeper insights about each of your top 10 themes. Theme Thursday season 5 discusses these greater insights with practical ways of putting them to good use. Again slightly shorter, the informative 20-minute sessions were recorded in 2019.

6. Increase Collaboration in Season 6

The last season of Theme Thursday looks at how your CliftonStrengths® themes relate to your manager and your team. Developing your strengths as a team leads to greater collaboration and performance. The 20-minute webcasts were recorded in 2020.

Leading with Strengths

The Leading with Strengths series explores the topic of Strengths with world-class leaders. Drawing on personal stories of how they have used their Strengths to become successful.

In addition to the full interview with John Clifton, watch the 1 to 2 minute snippets capturing a specific aspect.

Want to hear more?

More about the Called To Coach series of webcasts, past events and what’s coming up, is at Gallup Webcasts.

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