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The Strengths Journal™ is about living each day intentionally. By daily journaling, you create a focus towards your desired outcomes based on your unique talents.

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The opening pages of the journal help you define who you are and your personal brand using your CliftonStrengths ®. Capturing this as a focus, use your mission and values to plan your day. In addition, the journal helps you to proactively think about which of your CliftonStrengths ® will help you the most for each task. Reflecting on each day creates more awareness on how to perform better next time.

More about Mission Statements and Personal Branding is in the article What is your Mission Statement?

Created by Dana Williams, a Gallup Certified Strengths coach and personal branding consultant. The Strengths Journal provides a 120 day guide to help you form productive habits. More information is at

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Watch the short video below to hear Dana Williams describe how focusing on your strengths every day can make a difference in your life.

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