Midwest Strengths Coaches

Midwest Strengths Coaches

A group of enthusiastic Strengths Coaches in the Midwest region of the USA. Suporting each other with CliftonStrengths®, they learn and grow together.

The Midwest Strengths Coaches group came together to serve as a sounding board for each other and their business ventures. It provides an opportunity to seek advice and feedback on relevant topics as the group encourages reflection, support, and improvement as individual coaches and businesses. Additional offerings include brainstorming, education, accountability in an effort to continue towards success. Participants often get a chance to be in the “hot seat” in an effort to assist in moving their business and self forward.

Meetups via Zoom and in person

Midwest Strengths Coaches Meetup

Appoximately every 3 weeks the group gets together for a Zoom call for a conversation on a given topic. There are occasional meet up in person at Rochester, Minnesota & Spring Lake and Michigan.

Regional Location

The Midwest region generally includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio in the US.

To respect the integrity of the group, only request to join if you are a Strengths Coach living in the Midwest region.

See the New England Strengths Group for those living to the East of the Midwest.


More information is at the Midwest Facebook group. Alternatively contact Ashley Lang.

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