Living your Strengths at Church

Living Your Strengths

Introducing Strengths in a church or faith group, the Living Your Strengths book uses Biblical references and examples from churches.

When involved in a church, many people fall into the trap of helping out from a sense of duty. Despite working to the best of their ability, they are not fully engaged and roles are carried out with a mediocre level of commitment. Often it is the same people who volunteer for the majority of roles.

The Living Your Strengths book explores the concept of identifying our unique gifts that God has given us, describing how we can apply them effectively for His service. It explains that when we are doing what we naturally do best – using our strengths – we are more engaged with our church or community. Gallup concludes from their research, that when people are engaged in their church, they are 10 times more likely to invite someone to participate in their congregations. They are more likely to spend over 2 hours a week helping others. And they are likely to give 3 times as much financially. There are several examples where living out your strengths has made a difference in the lives of individuals and to their church.

Book details

Living your Strengths

Written by Albert L. Winseman, Donald O. Clifton and Curt Liesveld, the hardback book has 250 pages. The Catholic Edition has slightly different Biblical scriptures and updated language.

The latter part of the book explains each of the 34 themes of talent with relevant Biblical verses. The back of the book contains a one-time code to take the CliftonStrengths® assessment, revealing the top 5 themes.

Online Assessment Codes

More information about purchasing the assessment codes online is at How to take the CliftonStrengths® / StrengthsFinder® Assessment.

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