How to Read the Bible with Your Strengths

How to read the Bible with your Strengths book Reuben Poon

Have you struggled with reading the Bible? Have you found it boring or hard to understand? Or do you wonder WHY you even need to read the Bible? I struggled with those same questions. For years, I never touched my Bible. But then I figured out how to apply my top CliftonStrengths® themes to reading the Bible. Now passionately I love reading my Bible every day! Welcome to my book How to Read the Bible with Your Strengths.

Drawing on more than 20 years of Strengths experience, Reuben Poon brings the power and edge of Strengths to reading the Bible!

6 Tips for Beginners to Understand the Bible

With this book, you will learn why you need to read the Bible, a beginner’s guide to HOW to read the Bible alongside a beginner’s guide with everything you need to know about CliftonStrengths®. Finally, for each of the 34 talent themes, I give you carefully curated tips on how you can read the Bible with your individual talent themes.

As a strengths coach, I get to work with many different kinds of people and organizations. In the same week, I might speak to billionaires, a fortune 500 company, and the interns at my church. I have spoken to thousands of people at my church helping them become better Christians, business people, and church volunteers. One thing I always brought up was how important it is for Christians to read the Bible. Eventually, I went through all 34 talent themes to come up with tips on how to read the Bible. Then one day, I heard from God to finish the work to write a book and combine two of my passions: Strengths and reading the Bible.

I pray that this book unlocks for you what it has for me and countless others at my church.

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Reuben Poon is a Gallup Certified Strengths coach with more than 20 years of experience coaching and speaking to businesses, churches, and individuals to help them unlock their maximum potential.

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