How do I become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach?

How to become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Are you thinking of becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths coach? Perhaps you like CliftonStrengths ® and want to be a coach but are wondering if you need to get the Gallup Certification and how to save costs. Here we answer some of the common questions many of us ask before embarking on a pricey course and a potential career change.

Is it worth becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach?

Learning about CliftonStrengths® is one thing, but how necessary is it to follow the Gallup path and get the Gallup Certification? Here we look at the benefits of the Gallup Certification as a Strengths Coach, compared to a self-taught or third-party option.

Purchasing the CliftonStrengths® Coaching Starter Kit and the Strengths-Based Coaching With Managers and Teams Kit is certainly a cheaper option at the outset. You get lots of great materials and you can use the worksheets with your clients. However, it involves self-study on your own and there is no interaction with classmates to discuss and practice new skills.

Why get the Gallup Certification?

Some training providers offer Strengths courses for coaches which do not include the Gallup Certification. You receive the training – to varying degrees – but do not obtain the extra benefits of being a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Attendees on the Gallup course also receive lots of other materials that are not available in their store.

The Gallup Certification is only available to those who attend the Gallup Global Strengths Coaching (GGSC) course and take the Certification exam.

What are the benefits of getting the Gallup Certification?

Gallup provides several exclusive benefits for the Gallup Certified Strengths coaches. If you are already a Gallup Certified coach, make sure that you are taking full advantage of your certification. Here’s what they offer:

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach costs
  • Use of the Gallup Certified Strengths logo and Credly badge – adds extra kudos to your coaching brand.
  • Discount on CliftonStrengths® codes – approximately $10 per code. Over the years this can amount to a hefty saving.
  • Free subscription to the Gallup Access Subscription platform when purchasing a block of CliftonStrengths® codes – worth around $1500 per year. This includes the use of the Cascade Strengths reports.
  • Free listing in the Gallup Coaches Directory. Some coaches have received their biggest clients from the Coaches Directory.
  • Free Online Learning Series for your personal development, hosted by Gallup usually in February.
  • Some regions offer special Alumni events for Gallup Certified coaches.
  • Certified Coaches Monthly Newsletter with helpful updates and tips for coaches.

Any prices mentioned are in $USD and are subject to change.

The use of the Gallup worksheets and proprietary material is only available for those who have attended the GGSC course or purchased the CliftonStrengths® Coaching Starter Kit, with their clients.

In addition, by attending a Gallup course you can earn professional credit hours for ICF, HRCI and SHRM qualifications.

Ken Barr Jr certification cost

The Gallup certification adds significant weight when working with organizations that value or require certified credentials, especially, schools, government, non-profits, etc. In addition, the Gallup-certified social communities are extremely generous with their time and resources, enabling you to learn from experts with decades of experience!

Ken Barr Jr.

5 Steps to becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

How do you get your Gallup Certification? Here are the key steps to becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

  1. Find a course location – either a Gallup office or a Gallup Licensee
  2. Decide on a virtual or in-person experience
  3. Book and attend the Gallup Global Strengths Coaching course
  4. Coach 6 people on their Strengths
  5. Complete the certification exam

Congratulations on your certification! This is the beginning of your journey. See our guide on the Top 10 Tips for a New Strengths Coach on what to do next.

Where can I take the Gallup Global Strengths Coaching (GGSC) course?

Gallup has offices in countries across the world which run the Gallup Global Strengths Coaching (GGSC) course. In addition, there are official Strategic Licensees who run the courses on Gallup’s behalf. You get the same materials and can complete the important Certification process.

On the Gallup Store, select the Country Location to see the courses available for your region.

How much does it cost to become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach?

Let’s phrase this another way – how much are you prepared to invest in yourself and your work? Yes, there is a cost for the training course, as you would expect. Think beyond the course and how the certification will help you. The cost of the course materials, included in the price, is worth around $1000. Don’t forget, you can use the handouts in the course materials with your clients.

Once you have the Gallup Certification, you can receive a discount on the CliftonStrengths® codes, saving about $10 per code. There is also a potential saving of $1500 on the Gallup Access subscription when buying a block of CliftonStrengths® codes. After a few years, these savings will pay for the cost of the GGSC course and start to bring in an income.

Any prices mentioned are in $USD and are subject to change.

8 Ways to save costs on your Gallup Strengths Certification Training

Many coaches, including myself, appreciate the value of becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and chose to fund the course ourselves. Here are a few ways to help with the upfront costs.

Reducing the Certification Cost

  1. Consider the authorized training partners who may be closer, saving you travel expenses.
  2. Attending virtually will save on travel and accommodation costs, although this is a different experience from the in-person option.
  3. As part of the Certification process, you will need to coach 6 people. Gallup does not provide the CliftonStrengths® codes for these sessions, so you could ask to coach people who have already taken the assessment. Why not ask an existing coach to be your coachee for one of these sessions? Then they can provide you with helpful feedback – a double bonus!
  4. Sometimes there are discounts on Gallup courses for those attending the Gallup at Work Summit. The discount could cover the cost of your Summit ticket – so you get two events for the price of one!

Training Course Payment Options

  1. There may be the option to pay for the course with PayPal using the Pay In 3 feature to spread the cost over three instalments.
  2. A creative option is to offer a coaching session to potential clients where they pay ahead of your course. This will help you quickly recover the course costs and have people to coach immediately afterwards. In addition, they can be part of your 6 people to coach for the certification.
  3. If you are in an organization, see if they can fund the course as part of your personal development and help cultivate a strengths-based culture.
  4. Some people have negotiated the course fees into a Redundancy or Lay-off package – it’s worth asking.
Lorranie Govender Gallup certification

The “Gallup Certification” has afforded and qualified me to reach greater platforms in the corporate world, giving me the confidence to help people and organizations. The globalized connection with talented fellow coaches and the Gallup team takes the coaching journey to a new level.

Lorraine Govender

Should I attend the GGSC course virtually or in person?

Often the price for the virtual and in-person courses are the same. I love connecting with people and receive more value with an in-person course. For me, it is the small side conversations during meal breaks etc, that enhance the learning and practical application. I formed some lasting friendships and am still in contact with people on my GGSC course back in 2015.

Sometimes the travel and accommodation costs become prohibitive, so a virtual option may be necessary. Virtual courses offer greater flexibility on dates and delivery in a non-English language. Before booking a virtual course, consider the time zone where the course is hosted, so you are not studying when your body would rather be sleeping.

Will Gallup help me get coaching clients?

To help coaches, Gallup hosts the Coaches Directory for Certified coaches to upload a profile and attract clients. Some coaches have received their best clients from the Coaches Directory whereas others get nothing. This could be down to the luck of the draw, or the quality of the bio entered in the directory.

Ultimately, it is up to you to find your coaching clients. As the coaching community is very collaborative, many coaches pass on clients that are more suited to your niche.
Tip: Establish your niche and your personal brand. This will enable your clients and other coaches to know you as a specialist in your field. Also, get involved in networking events for coaches to learn and share with others.

In addition, several coaches offer services to help the community. For example, setting up your brand, establishing a communication strategy, finding your ideal clients and offering Coaching Supervision.

Justin Douglas Strengths Coach UK

Becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach has been instrumental to the success of my business with the credibility the certification brings. A proper and respected coaching certification helps potential clients quickly trust that you have a deep understanding of coaching and are professionally qualified. You are welcomed into a wonderful community of fellow coaches with whom you can share, learn, and socially have fun, either at regular online learning events or at face-to-face alumni events.

Justin Douglas

As the number of coaches increases, is it a crowded market?

Competing with other coaches for business can be a concern. However, the coaching industry is growing at an alarming rate and you can read the statistics here. With over 6000 people taking the CliftonStrengths® assessment every day, that’s 2.3 million people every year. Although the number of coaches is growing, the opportunities are also increasing along with a greater need for personal development.

Still not sure?

Becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach is a big step, and if you are fully bought into CliftonStrengths® this may seem like a natural progression. See it as a personal investment for yourself. Why not take advantage of any career breaks between jobs to study or financial windfalls to fund your development?

Ask existing coaches. Discover what the Gallup Certification means to them and share any concerns.

From my perspective, funding the GGSC course myself was one of the best personal investments I’ve made. Joining the global coaching community enables me to thrive where I can give my best and be amongst friends.

For more information directly from Gallup, contact

Melissa Chaplin

Becoming a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach has provided me with additional credibility, expanded coaching opportunities, and access to branded resources. All of these combined have allowed me to better serve my clients and support them as they reach their full potential.

Melissa Chaplin

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