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Thank you for considering to write an article for Strengths Resources. This is a community venture and we appreciate contributions from CliftonStrengths® Coaches to enhance the Strengths Movement.

Here’s a guide to help you prepare your article so we can share it on the site.

Choose your topic

The purpose of the Strengths Resources site is to share helpful information for new and experienced CliftonStrengths® Coaches. For example, about growing a coaching business, the personal development of a coach, or specific topics about coaching.

Choose a subject where your knowledge and experience can help others. This may be an area of your own expertise, or a steep learning curve where you can share your lessons learned. You may be part of a community group. If so, we would like to add your group to our growing list so others can find out about it too. See the section below on Additional information for Groups.

We’d also really recommend having an initial chat with Richard to discuss your topic and how it will benefit coaches. This will help save you time by optimising your article for the site, and makes sure we avoid any duplication too.

Article Content

First, introduce your topic explaining why it is important for a coach. Include examples that will help the reader relate your subject. Think about who is your target audiences in terms of their coaching experience, whether they are part of an organization, or the stage of their own business. Coaches with more experience will be looking for greater depth on the subject and will appreciate links to additional resources. It can be tempting to include sections from other websites or books, but try to keep this to a minimum so that the post is in your voice.

Here are some general pointers to help you structure your article so it works well for the web:

  • Depending on the complexity of the topic, aim for between 300 and 900 words in total.
  • Include helpful headings for each section to guide your reader.
  • Keep your sentences short (20 words max).
  • Use the active voice wherever possible.
  • Don’t panic if your words get in a muddle, our editors may make some slight alterations to improve the readability or the SEO.
  • Keep any mention of your services for your Bio and avoid any hard sell in the main article.


If you have an appropriate picture for the headline image, the ideal size is 960px x 501px. We’d love you to include other images within the post if relevant too. For all images supplied, you must tells us the source and confirm that they are royalty free and permitted for use. Don’t worry if you can’t find a picture as we can find something suitable.

About You

As a contributor, we would like the readers to get to know you and what you do. Share a brief introduction, up to 200 words, about yourself and the services you offer. Oh, and don’t forget to include your top 5 CliftonStrengths® themes!

To help readers get in touch, you can add links to your website and social media accounts. It is generally best not to display your email address to prevent unwanted spam.

Please include a square headshot image of 600px x 600px or greater – we can crop down an image if necessary.

Additional information for Groups

The global coaching community comprises of many groups both online and in person. If you manage a group for coaches, we would like to enable others find you and join in.

To help maintain integrity of the content, we are looking for groups that follow these principles:

  • The group is reasonably active with a wide variety of contributors and voices in the discussions.
  • In the posts or conversations there is more discussion than promotion. We are not interested in groups that heavily promote a single organization or person.
  • The subject matter uses CliftonStrengths® as the main focus for strengths.
  • Any products for sale in the group using Gallup’s IP are from Gallup or a Gallup Licensed Partner.
Please provide as much of the following information as you can to encourage other to join your group.
Click on the + to expand the list.
  • Name of the group
    • What do you call your group or is there a specific name on the social media platform?
  • About the group
    • Who is the group for and what does the group offer?
    • When did it start, how many members are there and is there any relevant history?
    • Approximate size of group?
    • Does the group cover a specific geographical area or is it purely online?
    • What is the main language used within the group?
  • Events and Activities
    • Are there any events or activities, and where can people hear about forthcoming events?
    • Do you run any courses and is there a link where people sign up?
  • How can people find out more?
    • Who is the main contact person to find out more – name & email address? (The email address is for our benefit and will not be publicly published.)
    • What are the best social media or website links for people to reach you?
  • Picture
    • Is there an appropriate main image or logo for the group? The ideal size is 960px x 501px.
    • Any other relevant images? We can include a few other images in the body of your page.
    • (Please provide the sources of all pictures you submit and confirm they are royalty free and permitted for use.)
  • Finally
    • Is there anything else about the group that would be helpful for a coach thinking of joining to know?

Can you help us?

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As we promote your group or services, we would appreciate a small something in return. To help direct coaches to Strengths Resources, and grow our community, please could you consider adding this small image and a link to us on your website. https://strengthsresources.com/

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

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