Gallup Webcast Events and Strengths Conversations

Gallup Webcasts Facebook Group

Keep up to date with the latest webcast events from Gallup. See what topics are coming up in Called To Coach and explore the vast back catalogue of recordings for CliftonStrengths®.

Facebook Group

This is the most popular group for coaches and strengths enthusiasts on Facebook. The wider audience invites a greater range of posts relating to Strengths and coaching topics. Originally created for the Theme Thursday podcasts, it is now a place to see the up-and-coming Gallup podcasts and webinars.

Webcast Events

Watch Jim Collison and his team introduce to you to a coaching topic or hear from an inspirational coach.

Embracing the global audience, more sessions include coaches from across the globe in their local language. In addition, it is now possible to see real-time translations in your chosen language during the live sessions.

What’s Coming Up

See what’s coming up and register for the free events to receive a reminder. Announcements are also in Facebook’s Gallup Webcasts Facebook Group and LinkedIn’s CliftonStrengths Trained Coaches group. You can follow the Eventbrite group to receive notifications of the up and coming events.

Watch live

Watch live and join in the conversation with the Chat. Ask your questions and stay on for the – not to be missed – Post Showwwwww. The live events are available on or you can visit the YouTube channel at

Library of Past Events

Scroll through the hundreds of recordings to watch the previous sessions.

Community Updates

Every couple of months there is a Community Update sharing the latest news for coaches. Austin Suellentrop regularly sets out what is coming up with new reports, technical changes and anything coaches need to know from a practical perspective. The Zoom sessions also feature a Q&A where coaches watching live can ask their questions on any topic. To cater for the global audience, the session is run twice, at the beginning and the end of the US day.

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