Gallup At Work Summit – why attend in person?

Gallup at work Summit 2023

Are you a strengths coach looking to grow and connect with the global coaching community? The annual Gallup At Work Summit in Omaha, Nebraska is the place to be. It offers a special opportunity for coaches from all around the world to come together, share experiences, and learn from keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

Attending the Summit in Person

Whether you choose to attend in person or virtually, the Summit promises to be an unforgettable experience. Here we share why you should seriously consider attending in person.

Firstly, attending in person allows you to network with coaches from all over the world. Meeting face-to-face is the best way to build meaningful relationships, especially for those strong in the Relationship Building domain. You’ll connect with new coaches, participate in social events laid on by Gallup, and meet Gallup staff members in person. See our tips on how to build your business network.

Moreover, the social times in the evenings are a great opportunity for coaches to gather and head out to local restaurants together. This is a chance to unwind and connect with like-minded coaches. If it’s your first time attending, don’t worry about feeling alone – you’ll immediately discover that you are amongst friends.

In addition to the main Summit, there are extra events for coaches before and after, offering further opportunities to connect and learn. By attending in person, you’ll be able to make the most of all these opportunities, learning from experts and peers alike.

Planning your trip to the Summit

Let’s talk practicalities. Book your flights early for the best price, as I found a good deal back in September. The Hilton on Cass Street is opposite the conference center and serves as the social hub for coaches. There is often a discount at the Hilton for Summit attendees. Other hotels are within walking distance, and you could consider sharing accommodation with a friend or booking an Air B&B.

If you live outside the US, remember to obtain your ESTA visa and find a cheap way to get US dollars. Personally, I use Wise, which offers great rates on currency exchange.

Make the most of your experience

To get the most out of your visit, think about what you want to learn and achieve during the Summit. Choose the breakout sessions that will help you the most, see the breakout threads below. Consider how you’ll use your strengths during the Summit, and plan for any recharging time you may need. Don’t forget to prepare your Elevator Pitch – you never know whom you might meet!

On my way to the Summit one year, I got into the lift at the hotel and found myself face-to-face with Jim Clifton. He asked about who I was and what I did, so he received my Elevator Pitch – quite literally!
Richard Sterry

In conclusion, attending the Gallup At Work Summit in person is an incredible opportunity to connect with a global community of strengths coaches, and learn from experts. Book your spot now, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Omaha, Nebraska!

Get Ready for the 2023 Summit in June

Join us in person for the complete Summit experience from Sunday 4th June 2023. The full details are in the Gallup at Work Summit Agenda. As the registration deadline for in-person attendance is May 22, purchase your tickets soon!

Sunday 4th June 2023

Those arriving early can benefit from Charlotte Blair and her team who are hosting a Pre-Summit Coaches Get Together. This is not a Gallup event and as places are limited, advanced booking is essential. Afterwards, there is a meal at the Blatt Beer & Table.

Monday 5th June

Gallup Omaha

Join Dana Willaims and Richard Sterry at Lulu B’s Cafe on Monday morning. Find out more here.

The Summit Welcome Reception kicks off in the Gallup Riverfront Campus at 5pm. Connect with other coaches, meet the Gallup staff and enjoy the refreshments.

Tuesday 6th June

The full day’s agenda kicks off with breakfast then the Keynote kick off with Gallup’s CEO, John Clifton. The four breakout sessions, punctuated with lunch, cover these threads before the day’s closing keynote. Recordings of the breakout sessions will be available online for 90 days.

  • Employee Experience & Engagement
  • CliftonStrengths®
  • Coaching
  • Manager & Leader Development
  • Global Workplace Perspectives

The evening’s entertainment is a visit to Omaha’s latest attraction Kiewit Luminarium.

Wednesday 7th June

Another good breakfast prepares us for a keynote, a breakout session then the closing keynote. As a bonus item for the in-person attendees, there is an option for one of two workshops.

  • CliftonStrengths for Students – with Tim Hodges and Alyson Lenz
  • Use your strengths to build your coaching practice – with Dean Jones

To round off your Summit experience, look out for an impromptu trip to a local restaurant in the evening.

Add-On Learning

In addition to the Summit, Gallup is providing in-person and virtual training, covering most of their courses. See the Summit Add-Ons for full details and discounts.

Finally, on your way home

As you depart and return home, take time to absorb the information from the past few days. What are your key learnings and how will you put them into practice? What were the highlights and how can you make these memories last? Who are you going to connect with in the coming days?

Remember to book your place for the Gallup at Work Summit next year – and bring your friends.

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