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Faith-Based Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches

Do you use strengths in your church? Many Biblical concepts are mirrored in the strengths philosophy. It is therefore a natural progression to share strengths in a faith environment. The faith-based group enables CliftonStrengths® Coaches to share ideas and resources.

Faith-based Gallup CertifiedStrengths® Coach Community is based on the concept that God has a plan for your life and is eager to enable you to live it. We believe that we are stewards of the gifts we have been given from God. He has created each of us in such a way that our passions, desires, and the things in life that truly bring us joy are unique.

Our faith journeys are as different as we are – so our coaching businesses will look different. But we are a group of coaches, who share ideas, discuss challenges and support one another.

The Facebook group is designed for experienced coaches operating in church environments. Those who are exploring their strengths and are not coaching will find the general CliftonStrengths® (StrengthsFinder®) Facebook group more appropriate.

Attracting over 400 members, the administrators are Kathie Gautille and Richard Sterry.

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