Draw on Your Strengths

Draw on your strengths - Harmony

The Draw on Your Strengths book is a creation by Carol Anne McGuire. She applied her artistic talent when listening to the first series of the Theme Thursday webcasts. Focusing on each of the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes, she sketched each one in turn.

Draw on your strengths

Turning the pages of the Draw on Your Strengths book inspires the reader to explore each of the themes vizually. The pictures and words describe the theme’s characteristics, deepening understanding. It is an excellent accompaniment to a team coaching session.

The Draw on Your Strengths book is available from the Rock Your Strengths store. Do check shipping costs if you live outside the USA.

What’s the process of your art?

Carol Anne writes: My first thought (and the most time-consuming) is to come up with an image that reflects that theme. I want the viewer to immediately connect with that image and link it to the theme. Some of these are easier (my Top themes) and many are very difficult and require much research and conversations with people that have that particular theme as a significant theme.

The next thing I think about is general statements on the theme. I look through my coaching materials, consult with other coaches, clients, research online, etc. to find small tidbits of information that could be used. Then I participate in Theme Thursday and hear what they have to say about the theme. All the while I’m sifting through my own research to see what sticks. I have a dozen or so favorite brushes I use in ProCreate, and have even created a few brushes myself that I use in the background to “dirty up” the edges and give texture.


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