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How well do you know the 34 CliftonStrengths ® themes? Mastering the characteristics of your talent themes increases awareness, creates greater conversations and leads to better outcomes. Here we help you explore ways to invest in your themes and develop your strengths. You can browse the themes individually, or follow a Called to Coach series of the Theme Thursday webcasts. In addition, discover the Leading with Strengths series of podcasts with Jon Clifton.

Developing your Strengths – Themes and Domains

Understanding all the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes of talent can be a lot to initially comprehend. Dividing them down into 4 Domains of Leadership provides a clearer perspective of how the themes operate. Many people worry that they do not have any themes in a particular domain. Each CliftonStrengths theme can operate in any of the 4 domains, but they work best in their home domain.

Discover more about your themes my clicking on the theme names. In addition to the page about each theme, there are 6 series of Theme Thursday webinars.

Strategic Thinking Domain

The Strategic Thinking themes assess the situation and understand the past so they know what is going on. Gathering factual evidence and looking to the horizon for inspiration, the then define what can be possible. Consequently, they know which way to proceed as they become the foundation for establishing the best course of action.

The Strategic Thinking Domain is all about the What. They know what has happened, what is happening and what needs to happen.

Click on a theme to find out for more.

Influencing Domain

The Influencing themes provide the powerhouse of motivation and drive, coupled with the art of persuasion. They help people know how and when to take charge, speak up and provide a voice for moving things forward. While delivering a compelling message, they turn up the volume by raising the bar. The Influencing themes bring the energy and inertia to get the party started causing others to think, act and want to join in.

The Influencing Domain is all about the Why. They bring the why, when we need to do something.

Click on a theme to find out for more.

Relationship Building Domain

The Relationship Building themes draw in those on the outside and so bind the team together. While deeply understand the unique needs and feelings of others they help to build strong relationships. They know how each person can play their part and smooth out interactions while encouraging investment for personal growth. Realising a wider concept and through collaboration, they recognise that together great things can happen.

The Relationship Building Domain is about the Who. They know who each person is, who to involve and who is the best person for each task.

Click on a theme to find out for more.

Executing Domain

The Executing themes help people to get things done, so they can be done well. Clarifying the purpose while setting out a structure, they make the most of the resources available for efficient delivery. They take ownership of what needs to happen and provide the stamina until the goal is reached. They anticipate the risks, picking up the pieces when things fall down, so they can deliver consistent results every time.

The Executing Domain is about the How. They know exactly how to do something and can do it well.

Click on a theme to find out for more.

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Theme Thursday Webcasts

The Called To Coach, Theme Thursday episodes – recorded on Thursdays – during 2015 covered each of the 34 themes in turn. Following its success, the series looked at each of the themes from a different perspective for the next 5 years. Hosted by Jim Collison with assistance from Curt Liesveld, Maika Leibbrandt and other staff at Gallup, the powerful webcast conversations help you to develop your strengths wherever you are on your journey.

Each of the 6 seasons are very different, so choose which are most suitable. Click on the button to view all the sessions for the series.

1. Loving Your Themes – Understand the Foundations

The first round of the Theme Thursday brings clarity to each CliftonStrengths® theme. Explore the unique value that each theme brings during the 50-minute session. Learn how to love your themes and appreciate those of others. Drawing on the expertise of Curt Liesveld, these sessions provide the foundations for each theme.

In addition, the book Draw on Your Strengths brings each of the themes to life with pictures from coach Carol Anne McGuire.

2. Explore the Theme Dynamics

Expanding your Strengths - Theme Dynamics Gallup webcasts called to coach

The second season of Theme Thursday looks more at the dynamics of the CliftonStrengths® themes. A greater understanding comes when looking at the theme’s raw and mature states – how they are applied in a basic way, and at a deeper level. This series of webcasts considers how each theme combines and compliments the other themes – theme pairing. To accompany the series, the book Expanding Your Strengths shows all the possible theme combinations. Recorded during 2016 the sessions are just short of an hour.

Companion Guides

To download the Companion Guides for seasons 2 and 3 webcasts, log in to Gallup Access Use the upper left Menu and choose Resources. In the search box type ‘companion guides’ and you will see the Companion Guides for seasons 2 and 3.

3. Developing Leaders with Strengths-Based Leadership

Strengths based leadership book Theme Thursday called to coach

The Strengths Based Leadership book reveals the 4 Needs of Followers – Hope, Compassion, Stability and Trust. During Season 3 of Theme Thursday, hear how each CliftonStrengths® theme can perform in a leadership role and meet the 4 Needs of Followers. Specifically, this is not just for leaders at the top of the tree, it is for anyone who needs to bring others with them on their journey. The 50-minute sessions were recorded in 2017.

4. Focus on Success and Increase Performance

Season 4 of Theme Thursday steps up another level for each of the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes. Specifically focussing on greater performance and success, the Gallup webcasts discuss how to intentionally aim each theme. Learn how to invest in your own talents and how to develop the talents of others. The shorter 30-minute sessions were recorded during 2018.

5. Discover Practical Outcomes from your 34 Report

CliftonStrengths 34 report theme Thursday

The CliftonStrengths® 34 report shares deeper insights about each of your top 10 themes. Theme Thursday season 5 discusses these greater insights with practical ways of putting them to good use. Similarly, the sessions are slightly shorter lasting just 20-minutes. They were recorded in 2019.

6. Developing Teams and Managers with Strengths

The last season of Theme Thursday looks at how your CliftonStrengths® themes relate to your manager and your team. Developing your strengths as a team leads to greater collaboration and performance. The 20-minute webcasts were recorded in 2020.

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The CliftonStrengths Podcast Series

Building on the success of the Theme Thursday podcasts, Gallup moved on to a new series exploring the CliftonStrengths ® themes further.

1 – Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing at Work Gallup webcasts CliftonStrengths themes

The new Season 1 podcast series dives into the book Wellbeing at Work by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter.

While considering the 5 elements of Wellbeing – Career, Social, Financial, Physical and Community, each podcast discusses practical ideas for a CliftonStrengths ® theme.

2 – Developing Your Leadership Skills

Developing your Leadership skills with Strengths themes

The CliftonStrengths® for Leaders Report helps business and community leaders leverage their strengths when pioneering the way forward. The season 2 podcasts discuss how to develop your leadership skills with each of the CliftonStrengths® themes.

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Leading with Strengths

Leading with Strengths Gallup themes

Hosted by Gallup CEO Jon Clifton, the Leading with Strengths podcast series explores the topic of Strengths with world-class leaders. Drawing on personal stories, hear examples of how leaders have used their Strengths to become successful.

In addition to the full interview, watch the 1 to 2 minute snippets capturing a specific aspect.

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How to find out about Future Events

Gallup announce new Called to Coach webcasts in the Facebook’s Gallup Webcasts Facebook Group and the LinkedIn’s CliftonStrengths Trained Coaches group. Depending on your preference you can join one or both groups.

Watch live

When watching live you can join the conversation in the Chat and ask your questions. Finally, stay on for the – not to be missed – Post Showwwwww. The live events are available at also on the YouTube channel at

Library of Past Events

Scroll through the hundreds of recordings to watch the previous sessions.

Community Updates

In addition to the webcasts on Strengths, every couple of months Gallup host a Community Update sharing the latest news for coaches. As Jim Collison sets out what is coming up with new reports, technical changes he includes anything coaches need to know from a practical perspective. During the call guest coaches share success stories to encourage others in the community. During the Zoom sessions those watching live can ask their questions on any topic.

Follow the Facebook or LinkedIn group to find out when these happen.

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Whatever your preference, find a way to keep developing your strengths to master your talent themes.

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