Dawn F. Landry’s experience encompasses almost 30 years of business development and marketing with the bulk of her career in Houston’s corporate real estate industry.

She has excelled in multiple leadership positions within the region’s largest economic development organization, as well as international commercial construction companies. 

In February 2017, Dawn founded Authentizity, LLC. as an independent business growth strategist to assist companies with customized programs designed to advance their leadership proficiencies, team alignment and outreach effectiveness. 

Leveraging Gallup CliftonStrengths® learnings and coaching certification, Authentizity provides consulting, training and coaching services that optimize technical teams’ engagement and productivity.

She credits her success to an understanding in which true market penetration and expansion are derived from a strategic and value-driven solution based upon team alignment, trust, and employee culture focus.

With this in mind, Dawn created and now offers an online business development course, BD Dynamics, sharing what she has learned throughout her career and empowering the technical minded.

Adding to her list of accomplishments, Dawn is not only an award-winning, respected business professional, but now a best-selling author! She authored ARMORED, in 2020, sharing her unintentional care coach memoir with those who may find themselves in need of the wisdom.

Dawn and her husband, Daran, live in Houston, Texas sharing their home with their third generation of rescued pups. Dawn is a big dreamer with a strong faith in surrendering to God’s Will.

She loves to experience new cultures and is an avid appreciator/collector of art. Her weekly blogs, in the form of articles and recordings, continue to introduce growing audiences to new, personal and professional processes and insights…



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