Grupo de Entrenadores de Fortalezas Españoles

StrengthsFinder Espanol

The CliftonStrengths® (Strengthsfinder® Español) Facebook group for Spanish-speaking Strengths Coaches and enthusiasts.


El grupo official de Gallup para los coaches y los entusiastas hispanohablantes donde podemos colaborar y compartir, aprender y conversar acerca de las experiencias y herramientas de los CliftonStrengths®.

El llamado del Coach Gallup está disponible en Audio iTunes, Spreaker y YouTube.


The official Gallup group for Spanish-speaking coaches and enthusiasts where we can collaborate, share, learn, and converse about our experiences and the different tools available around CliftonStrengths®.

Gallup’s Called to Coach in Spanish is available on Audio iTunes, Spreaker and YouTube.

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