Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community

CSEC Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community

The Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC) is dedicated to fostering engaged communities of committed disciples. As a non-profit organization, CSEC offers occasional webinars, best practices, and resources for its members to connect, share, and learn. Providing an essential link between faith communities, CSEC strives to increase engagement and enhance stewardship of talents and strengths.

CSEC Vision StatementThrough the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, our connected community of strengths-based leaders fosters engaged communities of committed disciples.

CSEC Mission StatementThe Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community provides a forum for members to connect, share and learn.


Visit the website that provides a wealth of information to those just getting started or those who have been using Strengths and Engagement for years.

The Facebook page is also a great place to share ideas or ask questions.


CSEC provides the structure and instruction on how to get “meet-ups” started. They are a great way to connect with others in your area and learn from each other. Occasional live webinars to help keep you up to date with Gallup’s developments, along with a team of folks sharing their best practices in the faith environment.

While CSEC members are primarily Roman Catholic, participation is not limited to Catholic leaders. The resources and sharing represent insights from leaders of many Christian communities, building on their experience and learning.

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