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coaching counselling consulting coach counsellor consultant conversation

Are you Coaching Counselling or Consulting?

Understanding the differences
Want to Improve your Strengths Coaching Skills?

Want to Improve your Strengths Coaching Skills?

Do you want to Improve your Strengths Coaching Skills? For International Coaching Week*, we’ve gathered […]
Time management strengths

How do your Strengths affect your Time Management?

Become more effective with your time
How to become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

How do I become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach?

Discover the benefits of the Gallup Certification
speak at big event

Preparing to Speak at a Big Event?

How to facilitate lagre groups.
Gallup at Work Summit 2024

Gallup At Work Summit – why attend in person?

Invest in yourself and buid a global network at the Summit
Win back time business support VA

Need help running your coaching business?

How to enlist the right help to grow your business.
purpose mission vision

What is your Guiding Mission Statement?

How do you describe your purpose and your personal brand?
Gallup Omaha

Where are the Gallup Offices around the World?

Gallup offices worldwide and Strategic Licensees.
start business question

Should I Start My Own Coaching Business?

Things to consider before setting up your business.
Strengths Twins same top 5

Have you found someone with your top 5 themes?

Have you found someone who shares your top 5 strengths?
Global Strengths Mastermind

Are you part of a Mastermind Group?

Collection of coaches learning together.
World map Strengths Coaches Community

New Articles on Strengths Resources – July 2024

New Articles on Strengths Resources – July 2024 We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates […]
K-12 strengths in education coaches

K-12 Strengths Community

For coaches in education
Copyright Registered Trademark maze

Coaching Materials – How to get Copyright right

How to balance creativity whilst respecting the original source
coaching displaced people immigrants refugees trauma language

Coaching Refugees, Immigrants and Displaced People

Highlighting the best after experiencing the worst
Melissa Chaplin

Melissa Chaplin

As a Master Certified Coach, I fully invest myself in helping you reach your goals. […]
Increase business opportunities with diversification

How to Increase Business with Diversification

Expand your network, products and capacity
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